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    Okay, so I have a wii that's softmodded running on 4.3U. Everything's fine and dandy.
    But, I want to add netflix to my wii so I can watch my movies on the tv. But when I go to the wii shop channel (first time I've ever gone into there LOL) it says I need to do a system update and such. And something tells me that's probably not the smartest thing to do =p. Erm..I don't really know the extent that I have modded my wii to, I just softmodded it to the point I could use the usb cfg to play my backups. Oh, and there was a hardmod chip in the wii when I bought it, however I think it has become obsolete. I've never used it so I actually have no idea what the chip does, I just know it's there.

    So, there a way for me to get netflix without overriding my softmod, therein losing my ability to play my backups off my usb?

    Thanks in advance
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    Find a .wad file of the updated shop channel, install using wad manager or another similar app, and you *should* be good to go as long as your ios's are updated.

    Modmii has the ability to pull the .wad files straight from Nintendo's servers, so it's legal ( I guess ) and easy to do. You could even just get the Netflix .wad and install that without using the Shopping channel if you wanted.
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