NES Zapper Wii mod with pics

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    Feb 22, 2009
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    Hey guys, if you happen to have a spare NES Zapper lying around like I did, go ahead and give this mod a try.
    Had I known that it would actually work, I would have taken pics during the process.


    It's fairly simple, you just take out the components and cut a lot of plastic. I'd say the most difficult part is getting the trigger to work. I replaced a large portion of the trigger with LEGOs. Now as you pull the trigger the LEGO construction moves back with it and brushes against the B button on the Wii remote. I kept the original spring so it moves back to its resting position after being pulled. It works beautifully.


    Still looking for a better way to keep the remote secured to the shell, but since I don't wear the wrist strap, I figured it was a decent harness, and so far, it is.

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    Cool idea! [​IMG]

    I already have the zapper though.
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    Awesome but still ugly looking, lol!
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    Apr 2, 2008
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    NES Lightgun = Win

    Wii Zapper = Major Phail

    @ tpformbh, [​IMG]

    @ Inferior_Design, I like! The wrist strap thing is o.k. for a (pardon the pun) temp fix, but I´m sure you´ll iron that out.