needing help about wii Classic/GC controller adapters

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  1. mariodk

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    May 9, 2012
    hi i got a questing:

    will 2x Gamecube controllers+2x: + this:
    work for emulators&PC games that support joystick?

    since i have 2x gamecube controllers with the GC controller to classic controller converter for each(so my GC controllers become usefull again for my wii U) and 2x Classic Controller pro
    and wanted to use them all for PC

    or is it better to buy 1x GC controller to usb adapter:
    and 1x wii Classic Controller to Usb adapter: ?
    instead of 2x wii Classic Controller to Usb adapter so i get 4x port total(since non GC/wii classic controller USB adapters got 4x port only 2 ports)

    wanted to know before i buy anything