Need some help regarding WiiU 2ndhand purchase.

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    Hi im about to invest in a WiiU however i have a question thats confusing me.

    Apparently the owner is selling the black Premium WiiU to me and says it has Windwaker & ZombiU digitally on the system aswell, Windwaker being one of the main reasons for my purchase.

    But the problem is i can see the seller mentions she also has a white WiiU(Basic).

    So how do i get these digital games with me along with the black WiiU(premium)? Is her same account tied to both the WiiU's thus will she lose the ability to download her games if she gives me a account or does she have a seperate account/login for each system ?

    Basically does she have 2 accounts and is willing to give me the one that has Zelda/ZombiU on it or is she also giving up everything else thats tied to it like the digital downloads from the White WiiU and maybe even 3DS E-store purchases ?
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    If she has a Nintendo Id attached to both, then the games are forever tied to her ID. She would have to give you the account, which could have credit card info, other purchased games. Even though the games are bundle into the console, once you attach a Nintendo ID, they become tied to that ID.
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    I see things like this (Sony and Microsoft consoles) advertised alot on Facebook buy swap and sell groups. People selling consoles with digital content.

    And I always wonder who is more stupid, the person selling the account which could have personal details attached to it, or the buyer who may get a rude shock 1 week later once the seller changes the password to the account?

    But maybe I'm the stupid one and am missing something here
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