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    I want to buy a Nintendo 3ds but I want to know which 3ds versions can be soft modded, I don't want to hard mod one because its too risky and problematic for me. I know that there is a list which states the models numbers that can be hacked but that's too complicated. I want to know by year of release and the models that were released that year. I have heard that any 3ds with the firmware version 9.2.0-20 or lower is hackable/soft mod able. I have also heard that older BRAND NEW Nintendo 3ds like the original one that released day one and the first 3ds Xl can be soft modded and I've seen them sell online for $250 and up and for me that is expensive.

    So are there any other 3ds models by year (because that's easier to look at the back picture of the item instead of asking them questions about the models on ebay) which are hackable without opening it. And the ones that can be soft modded can all of them play all 3ds game ROMS and especially DS game ROMS???

    Thanks in advance
    Sorry for being such a noob
    And not to forget I'm a US user
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    Anything 10.7 or lower can be easily softmodded.
    11.0 and 11.1 can be softmodded with the use of certain DSiWare games.
    11.2 (the newest) can not be softmodded without another hacked 3DS.
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    11.2 is the red zone (strictly needs a hardmod or a second hacked 3ds premodded that can be bought off eBay for around 250$ or higher)

    11.0-11.1 is the orange zone (can be downgraded to 10.4 with 4 rare dsiware games,but have been pulled from the eshop so if you don't have any of the 4 rare dsi ware games,you have to fall back to the red zone options)

    9.3-10.7 is the yellow zone (can be downgraded with sysupdater using homebrew,no strings attached)

    9.2 or lower is the green zone (you follow the bible for a9lh

    Currently any model 3ds can be hacked,the only restrictions lie within the firmware you may have.
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