Need help with checksum8

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    Mar 9, 2008

    i'm trying to make downloaded miis editable.

    i read in libmii and on wiibrew that the mii is linked with the wii by the mac address.

    Inside the mii structure, there are 4 values.
    SystemID0: checksum8 of first 3 bytes of wii mac address
    SystemID1: 4th byte of wii mac address
    SystemID2: 5th byte of wii mac address
    SystemID3: 6th byte of wii mac address

    also, i read my wii mac address: no problem with ID1, ID2, and ID3, they match with my mac address.
    problem is with ID0.
    my first 3 bytes of mac address are 0x8c, 0x56, 0xc5.
    the ID0 stored in all miis created with my wii is 0x27.

    the problem is i can't find the way to find this result with my mac address.

    if someone have an idea...
    please, need help, i'm going crazy :(