need help packing an IOS

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    Well i got a problem.

    I want to pack my own dumped IOS from my nand.
    For example i want make a cIOS Wad.

    I used the fs dumper to get an fs dump.

    Then i go to:

    I checked the title.tmd with wwpacker batch files (_wwpacker-Custom.bat).
    It says:
    Path: '0000000100000F9'
    Type: System Title
    TitleID: IOS249 Version: 7

    Data files: 15
    Size: 228588 - 1803700 byte (2 - 14 blocks)

    I press a few times enter and:
    bfgr_wadunpacker.exe "TITLE.TMD"
    wad header too big

    Error! Fail to unpack "TITLE.TMD".

    But nice to see which IOS and Version it is =).

    Ok then i tried trent fox´s wad packer.
    But he can only pack VC/Wiiware Wads =/ (tried it and works)
    Also the dump has to be an imagine (yawnd dumper).
    I read in the systemmenu thoughts thread that wiiblaster modified trents wad packer so he can pack other wads.
    But the link ad Megaupload is down/removed =(
    I also heared that it should also possible with an old version to select the tmd.
    But i didnt found one =/.

    Waadmaker just freezes.
    I can select the .tmd but then freeze.

    Tried Waadmaker 1.0
    He says:
    No matching APP Files found in the TMD directory...

    In the systemmenu thoughts thread i also found Wad-Packer.0.1.Wii-BlaZe-repack.
    I get an error when i try to make a wad:

    WADPacker v0.1 by * BlaZe *
    Compile a set of files into a WAD file.
    Optionally, ticket-patch the resulting WAD.

    tik error: 000000f9.tik
    Errors occurred. Aborting...
    Ok in the systemmenu thread i read also that i have to copy the Wad-Packer.0.1.Wii-BlaZe-repack folder into
    C:\Documents and Settings\Wii\Ether

    But acces denied =/
    Tried it as Admin. Still No Go.

    I also heared that i have to use the CERT.SYS as title.cert.
    Is that true?

    So you guys have an idea?
    Thank you very much.

    WOW Finally got it.
    I used Wiiblaster´s Guide.
    Was a bit hard to understand but i got it!
    Read it: