1. Smoker1

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    Feb 17, 2015
    United States
    So I learned today that in order to change the TitleID of any Vita Homebrew, I need to edit the MakeFile to change it to what I want, in my case, I want to change the TitleID of VitaWolfen, so instead of WOLF00001, I can make it PCSE92055 (Came out on 5 May 1992). Figure start with the Year first to make sure Sony wont be creating a Game with that TitleID. I got the Makefile adjusted with the correct TitleID I want, and I try to follow the mingw64 Setup..........but I dont think it has been Updated to reflect the current Folder Structure. I am looking at the Instructions, and am seeing Folders that are not in there, and when I try to "make" I get a Error 2.
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