NDS Shell replacement.

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    Jan 30, 2008
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    right, i was inspired to do a ndsl replacemnt fromt he guide thats sticked above. it came sooo useful.

    i originally had a WHITE NDSL
    i purchased a (most likely fake) NDSL case which was of Toad then it said "nintendo world, New York"
    because it was a fake, it doesnt fit flush at all, im a bit dissappointed but the results are fine

    results as follows

    (sorry, these were taken off my phone, the quality is pretty poor but you get the idea)

    obviously, ones of the outside and the others of the inside, which are of differnt colours. im quite proud of my efforts and decided to share my results
    i went for a ying-yang thing, with black & white

    i'd be happy to comment/praise efforts of other people's attmepts at replacing their NDS so post yours up!