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Oct 31, 2011
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I have obtained an early release of Naruto Generations and decided to share info with you people in the form of my own little review.


The battle system has improved because of the addition of the new features:
Dash during combos- carry on a combo mid way by dashing into opponent
Substitution Bar- In the old games, everyone button spammed the block button to sub easily. Now it takes more skill and negates button spammers
Improved and edited combos- Some of the old favourites have had some of their combos edited to make gameplay smoother and better

The Graphics are also visually stunning, the cutscenes in storymode are great to watch. Even if there are a limited amount of them

The 72 playable characters and 15 support characters supply us with loads of variety and different ways to mix up your gameplay.

The Offline content has also got better with the addition of tournament mode and survival mode, both of which explain themselves and add to the maximum gametime and allow the player to do more.

Generally the game itself is more fun by yourself and with others


The storymode seems to have gotten alot worse in exchange for the added features in generations.
The cut-scene button sequences of NS2 are now gone and the story progresses like that of Soul Calibur V, with all the 1 frame storyboards which are narrated over. Which is very disappointing. After you wade through the coloured storyboards you fight a battle and proceed to more storyboards. No shooting Orochimarus snakes with nine tails or big kakazu in trees. Just a normal battle against every boss I've seen so far except Itachi. Who fights you in normal vs mode susanoo.
Also because of the addition of crappy storyboards, there's no free roam whatsoever.
I'll allow that there's many different story's to experience with about 2 beautiful cut-scenes each, but the endless storyboards irritate those without an iron ninja will.

Deidara hasnt changed. Say no more

The voice acting somehow seems to have gotten poorer too, only in some cases, not all. Its not enough to put someone off, but I noticed it.

So post your views and inquiry's here and i'll try answer.
As i progress i'll update on what else should be known.
Along with the experiences of online.


There seems to be no change to the ranked battle system
but theres alot of change to player match modes:
There's still the traditional player match, with the addition of now 3 different modes as well.
Tournament, where up to 8 players can create and participate in an online tournament. Private and public slots available. If you win you are apparently rewarded well.
Endless, which seems to be endless consecutive battles until you lose, with the total wins as your score
Beginner battle, where players at the rank of upperclassman and below can fight without having to worry about meeting mean experienced players.
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