1. livetorise

    OP livetorise Member

    Nov 5, 2013
    Hey there, so I picked up a patched switch recently and I'll get straight to it.

    If I do a NAND backup on my 2nd modded console, then do a transfer to the 1st patched console. In theory or well it should receive all my games data and content correct?

    And if afterwards, I do a NAND restore onto 2nd modded console, it too should have all the data there as well.. again in theory..

    So what would happen, would doing something like this result in a immediate ban.... or like would their online services just freak out?

    Also just a side question, but if I installed modified NSP's and xfer'd them to the patched switch... would that work?... or would they just bug out and crash or not load?

    Sorry if these have been answered before, I attempted googling and I didn't really have a proper search term for this.
  2. nightweb

    nightweb GBAtemp Regular

    Sep 16, 2009
    While I haven't dealt with these issues personally I base this on what I read while looking into these issues so some of my information might be out of date, and if anyone knows better than me please do correct me.

    (Also I may be sleepy or it may be the heat but looks like you typed transfer form new switch (Switch2) to your old console (Switch1)m I thought it was wrong so I typed this out as you want to copy your stuff from old switch to new switch)

    1. If you Transfer data from the Switch1 to the Switch2 then restored a NAND backup to the Switch1 I believable it would be exactly the same as when you took the backup (if done properly) and you'd have two switches with the same User data

    2. To Transfer information from one switch to another, I remember reading that both switches have to be online(1*), as such if you have modified NSP's installed I would imagine that would be a big Red flag to Nintendo and if the certificates in the switch do transfer over it might flag both of them for Ban's

    Side Note. If you have installed Modified NSP's (Switch1) and transferred them (to Switch2) I would assume they would work as long as Switch2 is running CFW (with Sig check patches) otherwise it wouldn't have Signature patches to let the NSP's run.

    (1*) https://en-americas-support.nintend...id/27394/~/how-to-transfer-user-and-save-data
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  3. The8Darkness

    The8Darkness Advanced Member

    Feb 18, 2020
    Ive read that you would break a switch trying to restore a different nand on it due to encryption stuff.
    What you could do is like hacmod (or whatever the tool is called) to transfer specific data but reading into it was so much of a hassle, I just manually dumped all nsps and saves via tinfoil to reeinstall on the new console. Sure it was a hassle and took a day of regular checking (have 512gb sd thats completly filled), but at least it works without any risk of bricking anything.
  4. Hayato213

    Hayato213 GBAtemp Guru

    Dec 26, 2015
    United States
    Ain't going to work, NAND are console specific, you restore NAND A on unit B you brick.
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