N64 Homebrew Potential

Discussion in 'Other Consoles & Oldies' started by Bart Lemming, Oct 1, 2011.

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    Now there is a choice of flash carts for the N64 and a growing awareness of the system thanks to it's 15th anniversary do you think there's a good chance of N64 homebrew finally taking off? Or do you think that because it has no real homebrew history and the system's just too old now that it's just too late to ignite anyone's imagination?

    I would love for things to take off but I fear the worst. It would just be so nice to play some game on the telly of a cart from a machine that has some real power under the hood...
  2. emigre

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    I don't think its possible for a system to be too old for homebrew . There's still Atari homebrew games coming out.
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    The newest flashcarts out (everdrive64 and 64drive) will certainly helps more people to start developing on the system.

    The creator of the 64drive actually already showed the capability of the N64:

    Go to 0:46 on the second one to see some nice 3D model rendering:
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    Yeah, with the 64drive being out, which marshall's main motivation for selling this product was to bring a tool to the homebrew community so they could easily design their own homebrew, test it on the actual hardware, and so on.

    Don't go for the ED64 though, they wont boot on consoles made after 1998, and are poorly made. Not to mention, the USB support on the ED64 is really bugging, and the components are cheap as heck. The guy who developed the ED64 doesn't have a whole lot of N64 experience, he only has experience with consoles of the generation before the N64. No offense to people in the Ukraine, but that's where the ED64 dev is from, and his English is just awful, and when he replies to support questions, you have to spend time deciphering what he meant to say.

    Not to mention, if you buy the bare pcb for the ED64, it's missing more than just the CIC and a pre-made casing for his product. I noticed this when a guy over at assemblergames was asking the ED64 dev about what components he needed for his ED64 since he noticed more than the CIC was missing. Heck, the 64drive uses the cyclone2 chip, which if you know anything about building hardware, you'll know that this is AWESOME. The ED64 lacks this, sadly. Also, since marshall has been an N64 dev since long before his 64drive, he knows what he's doing in terms of homebrew creation, what homebrew devs want in a development tool, how to properly release updates that developers and regular users would want, and overall, bring a top-notch quality product to the scene with regular updates.
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    I really hope so because I generally love all the modding and everything n64 related. One thing in particular I'd like to see is games being easier to hack but that may not be possible. How great would it be to add more characters to smash bros. or create new environments in Ocarina? They're just dreams but they are awesome dreams.
  6. C-Kronos

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    It's /possible/ as long as the textures and models don't exceed what the N64 can handle. It would take awhile to get it all working, but it should be possible. Look at Goldeneye: X, that works on the real hardware.