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    Hi, I have for many time use 3DS with screen scratch. I was wonder if is posible to find replacement? It has become time where it irritate(bother?) to use. I want to play games with clean screen... I use the google to look many guide, but only are find for original model screen replacement and not new... If posible, I do not prefer or purchase new N3DSXL...


    [​IMG]Scratch is visible of date on console screen... Not too visible from camera but, in person very much so. If look to right of pencil, possible to see "four" scratch.(first picture)
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    Here you go: http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_odk...me.TRS1&_nkw=new+3ds+xl+screen+frame&_sacat=0

    Just need to heat up the old frame and get something to pull up the old frame, like a suction cup and it should pop right out then. Then you can just place the new one on. Make sure the LCD is clean and free of dust first however.

    After putting a new one on, I recommend getting some screen protectors so if you end up with another scratch, you could just replace the protector if the scratch isn't deep.
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