Multi-controller driver

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    Nov 29, 2014
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    So I've been looking for a way to dynamically setup a controller when it's plugged I'm for a while. However I've had no luck. I'm trying to set up my htpc with multiple controllers of various kinds. However obviously all the emulators become uncomfigured because they were configured with one controller. Does anyone know of any driver that would allow me to fake a xbox controller with anaother controller, but if a different controller is plugged init changes the device to that controller. Here's an example of what I mean.

    I have no controllers plugged in.
    I plug in a xbox controller. The xbox controller becomes the first controller for all emulators.
    I plug in a Logitech controller. The Logitech controller becomes a second controller for all emulators
    I plug in a ps4 controller. The ps4 controller becomes the third controller for all emulators.

    I knife there is an xbox controller emulator. However I don't know if it changes it controller if you plug in a different controller. If there isn't any that does this, I could program it my self, would anyone know what documentation would cover xbox controller emulation and device management?