Multi BIN image PS1 games

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    Can any one advise me on how to convert multiple BIN PS1 images (as per Pic) into one SINGLE BIN/CUE file for playing on my CFW PS3. I am trying to use ISOBUSTER, but with no success, Any advice is very much appreciated

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    Feb 13, 2015
    You need a cue file to combine tracks in the first place, it's a way to represent the "partition table" of the CD and therefore the position and attributes of the individual tracks

    You may be able to find it in the pack called "psx cue sheets other/misc"
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    a cue is a listing of the files that the bin is to use. it will contain the bin and each track. you can tell if it's correct if you open a disc burning software such as alcohol 120% and the full size of the image is listed. there may be other ways though

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    I did about 50 of these cues on another website. they were pc engine files though. they were for magic engine. it's been forever since I made one though. if you get a bin and a cue, open the cue in a text editor to see how it's laid out. it's not very hard really. the names you have might be a pita since they're long and contain parenthesis. I guess you could copy and paste them, but you still have the issue of renaming the portion that's different (Track 01, Track 02, etc.) as long as there's not too many, it's not so bad really.