Modchipwarehouse/modchipwarefactory legitimacy

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    Jan 12, 2015
    North Pole, New York
    Hello everyone, I'd like to start off by saying I'm from Canada, and these two re-sellers are the only ones with free shipping, which is a plus for me, since the price of Gateway-3DS is so steep. I didn't realize until after making an account that the two sites are exactly the same! Literally to the dot, they look identical.

    The faqs and shipping/payment options look like they were written in a foreign language and translated, which worries me a bit. Has anyone bought any products or a Gateway card from them? What was the experience? Was tax included? Free shipping? How fearful should I be about credit card fraud? I'm sorry for all the questions and I apologize if this is in the wrong thread.

    It's my first time buying a flashcart, and I don't wanna mess up. :/ Help!