[MOD/WIP] NSMB2 Community Level Pack

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    The NSMB2 Community Level Pack is a new community-oriented mod, which aims to showcase some great level design from the NSMB2 community!

    The mod will be a full level replacement for all nine worlds, and nearly every level will be user submitted.

    Judges: Gimzie ; Explos ; ElyosTheAbyss

    Here's how it works:

    I will put up the currently selected world theme on this thread, and all levels that are contributed at that time will have to follow that world theme. The levels will be hand-picked by our judges, and will be ordered appropriately. You may use custom tilesets, as long as you include the tileset in your submission.

    How to Submit

    Email your submission to: submit.nsmb2communitypack@gmail.com (Yes there's a period/dot in there)

    Use the format below: (You can copy it as well and fill it out if you want)

    World Theme:
    Overall Level Theme:
    Any Extra Download Links:
    Optional Screenshot:

    (Level and optional tileset attached to email)

    So anyway, hope to see some submissions soon! :D

    CURRENT WORLD THEME: World 1 - Grasslands

    Some sample tilesets for you to play around with: https://mega.nz/#F!GdUkkbjR!Lz3i1gBv2H_P7QFXrvkanw
    Screenshots of tilesets: http://imgur.com/gallery/PDnWT

    A short tutorial on NSMB2 modding can be found at https://gbatemp.net/threads/guide-nsmb2-custom-levels-mods-the-easier-way.437207/

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