mod chip for newest us wii models

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  1. itayda

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    Jan 20, 2008

    I intend to buy a new wii in the US, and I would like to ask 3 questions :

    - I read that the newer models have a change in the controller chip or something like that (black epoxy etc.),
    and I would like to know which mod chips can be installed on these new models.

    - What solderless chips can be used with these new models ?

    - Is there some other way to run backups without installing a chip ?
    (I read there is some twilight hack, but does it work with the newer models ?)

    Thank you very much for your help :-)
  2. ddp127

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    Jan 14, 2009
    drivekey, flatmod and flatmii can be installed in every wii, all solderless

    as long as your new wii doesnt have firmware 4.0 the twilight hack will work.

    new wii's have a newer version of boot1, so you cant use backup loaders, but the usb launcher will work

    to know which usb hdd's will work, look in my sig