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    Ok, this program is AWESOME!!!!!! Sorry if it has been covered somewhere else or if everyone knew about it already, but it is new to me. It works PERFECTLY too!!!!!!!

    Unlike gammas rebooter (where you push b, it reboots, and then you can play via disc channel....unless you eject the disc then you have to do it again) this one actually stays in effect even after loading a different long as you don't reboot the wii!!!!

    Menu Rebooter v1.0: patch Wii Menu, based on Backup Launcher

    Well, this is a pleasant surprise. PSP homebrew developer Red Squirrel has released his first ever Wiibrew application.

    Called Menu Rebooter, this program temporarily patches your Wii Menu to allow you to launch backups. The program is based off (and compatible with) Wiigator's Backup Launcher v0.3 Gamma. It's similar to waninkoko's MenuPatcher.

    Here's the read me from Red Squirrel (pay attention now - this isn't included in the download archive, unless you can read Italian):


    * In the package you will find program .DOL, a .WAD channel and the APPS folder for Homebrew Channel: so you can choose your favourite way to use it

    What's it?

    * Menu Rebooter is a tool born from Backup Launcher v0.3gamma sources that will patch your Nintendo Wii's menu (only temporarily!) to allow you to launch backups directly from official Disc Channel, like original games!

    Is it standing and dangerous patch?

    * No, to cancel its effect you have only to shutdown or reboot your console: so nothing of standing or dangerous!

    What do we gain with a "patched" menu?

    * Essentially three things:

    1. Possibility to launch backup discs in your Wii directly from official Disc Channel, like original games!
    2. Possibility to copy on SD all saves, those protected too! (ex. Mario Kart save, ecc...)
    3. Region Free for all discs!

    So is it similar to Waninkoko's Menu Patcher?

    * Yes, it is the same thing in practice. But it does not require Waninkoko's cIOS, it works directly with WiGator Backup Launcher v0.3gamma one!

    In channel version TV screen flash green for some seconds... is it normal?

    * Yes, quiet, it is a bug caused by the channel, but absolutely nothing of dangerous for your TV or Wii.

    There is no logo or image in channel version... why?

    * In this way WAD file is only 300Kb... so it will take less space in your Wii memory.
    * More space to use for other games or channels [​IMG]

    Could I see where you modify Backup Launcher v0.3gamma sources?

    * Of course, I attached to package the modified sources respecting GPL license of the project.
    * Download by yourself BL v0.3gamma sources and then overwrite "source" folder with that contained in the package.
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    So basically it's the same thing as Waninkoko's app but without the need for his cIOS? Since most people have his cIOS installed already, this is useless.
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    Eh both are useless. I want things to launch through the official disc channel as well, but if I have to reboot my wii once every time I boot it up then it has actually ADDED a step that I could have avoided by simply launching the game via the backup launcher channel.
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    Oct 8, 2008
    Nice. I'll install it, but I doubt I'll use it more than once for each game. It's nice to see the banner one time, but otherwise I prefer booting via BL Channel.
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    Oct 19, 2008
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    THANKS comes handy when testing many games , so you don't have to go through the loader after every game .
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    I have Waninkokos cIOS v7 and MenuPatcher (as a bannerless channel) installed. Also Gamma. But yeah it would be nice to not have to rerun the MenuPatcher after each game. I should try this.

    One thing I have noticed, the Waninkoko cIOS/MenuPatcher combination significantly increases load times over Gamma. True, for most games it won't make much difference, but you may notice a difference on initial boot, and during gameplay.

    Watch a few games load both ways if you don't believe me.

    Seems like Menu Rebooter may work with the Waninkoko cIOS since rumor has it there's just extra code that the Gamma cIOS package doesn't have (for MenuPatcher, I guess, maybe?).

    Question, is it bad to use these Menu Rebooter and MenuPatcher apps when you have Starfall patches?
    Answer: OK, I installed most Starfall patches and there is no conflict.

    I did some testing and here is what I found out:

    1) Waninkoko's MenuPatcher and this Menu Rebooter work exactly the same.
    a. After using MenuPatcher or Rebooter games launch from the disc channel.
    b. After using, the game's banner is shown on the disc channel, if the disc is changed, the new disc shows up.
    c. However, after playing a game, then exiting the game to the Wii Menu in any way negates the effect of both loaders.
    d. Thus, after using, and playing a game, the Menu Patcher or Rebooter need to be run again.

    2) Menu Rebooter works fine with Waninkoko's cIOS as well as WiiGator's version bundled with Gamma.

    3) Menu Rebooter causes a distorted green screen upon reboot, Waninkoko's Menu Patcher does not!


    A) If you wanted this feature you should have just installed Waninikoko's cIOS v7 in the first place, then used one of the channels for the MenuPatcher posted on this forum.

    B) If you like certain games that are DVD seek intensive to load code faster, try MenuPatcher.

    C) If you want to just throw a game in to load and play, and switch between games often, just use Gamma.

    IMHO... YMMV
  7. breakdaze

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    Nov 17, 2008
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    Oh, one more thing... I think Starfall is a better way to go for region free and brick blocking!!