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  1. Inuuto

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    Feb 2, 2010
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    I recently begun Megaman Starforce Pegasus on Friday, almost finished with the game, and I need some friend codes. f anyone has Megaman Starforce Pegasus/Dragon/Leo, would you become brothers with me. I'm on Level 12.
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    Mar 18, 2013
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    Hola, mi nombre es karla ^^

    Tengo el juego de megaman starforce leo, mi nivel es "100", y podría darte muchísimos códigos con los que puedes conseguirte muchas cartas y armas para mega, de echo, tengo todos los códigos existentes y un amigo con el juego de megaman starforce dragon, buscaba justo alguien como tú para ser mi hermano, así que, ¿te gustaría conectarte?

    Hello, my name is karla ^ ^

    I have the game of megaman starforce leo, and could give you lots of codes that can get you to the many letters and mega weapons, in fact, I have all existing codes and a friend with the game of megaman starforce dragon , looking for someone just like you to be my brother, so, would you like to connect?

    I'm on Level 100...
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    First of all this is an english speaking forum and second the topic you just replied to is two years old already looking at the month and day is not always enough.
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    And second of all u are replying on a 2 month reply of a thread that was made 2 years ago.
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