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    If you know what No-Intro is you will get the idea



    Maybe-Intro is a project dedicated to the preservation and cataloging of ROM hacks and especially the fan translations of video games.

    Maybe-Intro is inspired by the No-Intro project. They provide information to identify the good ROM images and eliminate the "garbage" (bad dumps, hacks, fakes, etc.). But there are some treasures among the garbage and the ROM hacking scene deserves to be preserved too. Maybe-Intro aims to testify the same care and love which are already given to the original video game media toward their amateur modification counterparts.

    The Maybe-Intro project intends to preserve the latest version of complete or almost complete fan translations and the best other types of ROM hacks. Thus are provided DAT files to identify the well patched ROM hacks and their original documentation thanks to a ROM manager. There is a DAT file per system and per language of translation and so for the hacks. The DAT files respect the following standardized convention.

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