[Mario Party 10] Tutorial on putting a Custom Photo!

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    Oct 7, 2015
    Hello guys, I am here to show you a Tutorial on how to Import a Custom Photo into the game I discovered few weeks ago.

    First thing, first
    You need Saviine to Extract your Save Data, make sure you have atleast few Pictures taken.

    1. Look for Image you wanna use. You can look it up on Google Images. It has to be in JPEG Format, and the Dimensions has to be at exactly 1280x720 px, if you cannot find perfect ones, you can just Resize it as long as it wasn't originally too small and shouldn't stretch ridiculously from one side.

    2. Save the Image on your PC.

    3. Open up your favourite Hex Editor. I use HxD. I don't think other Hex Editors have exact process below. You have to do the different way.

    4. Drag both pictureXX.bin and .jpg/.jpeg File into this program.

    5. On pictureXX.bin Go to "Edit" tab then Click "Select block..."

    6. Type in the Start-offset box as 80 and type in End-offset box as 40005.

    7. Hop into the .jpg File on the next Tab.

    8. Select all by pressing Ctrl+A.

    9. You need to find the difference of Length for both original and custom pictures.
    Grab a Calculator. To use Hex mode, go to View > Programmer, then select (dot) Hex.
    Type in the Length of selected Bytes Values on .bin File, the take away with custom JPG picture and hit Enter for the answer!

    10. Deselect on the end of Byte Value. Go to Edit tab then select "Insert bytes...", Paste into the Bytecount box from the Calculator. Leave the Fill pattern as 00. Hit OK. Select all again and Copy.

    11. Go back to .bin FIle and Paste it and you're done! Go click Save.

    12. Make a Copy of .bin File and choose a different Photo slot (from picture05 - Copy.bin to picture00.bin) so it should have a higher chance of making a Custom Photo working properly in-game.

    13. Put those edited pictureXX.bin into the correct Directory where it Injects the Savegame with Saviine, and don't forget to Open inject.bat.

    14. On Wii U, launch Saviine, configure your local IP Address from your PC. If you don't know how to check your IP, go to Network and Sharing Center > your Wi-FI > Details... , and you'll find your IP on IPv4 Address.
    Do not check with ipconfig from cmd, because it's slightly different and mostly won't let you Connect to PC correctly with your Wii U.
    When done choosing your IP, hit X and it brings you back to Wii U Menu.

    15. Launch Mario Party 10 game.

    16. While on Splashscreen, look on your PC, a little window should pop up that shows Injection options, beside "Inject common save?", click the Drop-Down menu and select inject.

    17. Navigate to Toad's Room > Photo Studio > Album
    You'll see an invisible Thumbnail, go and Tap it.

    18. Boom! You have successfully Imported a custom picture! I guess you just got Rick Roll'd while watching this video. :rofl:

    It only shows once, exiting the game and going back and the custom Photo disappears, you have to Inject your full Save Datas including modified Picture every time.

    You can possibly post a Screenshot to Miiverse. But, do not post any p0rns to that Mario Party 10 community. You will most likely get Banned instantly. The worst thing is that Nintendo might disable the Screenshot option for this Community.
    If you don't care what I said and wanna post it anyway, do it at your own risk. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
    I am not responsible if shit happens.

    Hope you like my Tutorial.

    You can have a look at my Excel spreadsheet here. https://1drv.ms/x/s!Akpfe0jfrBwbgZp4i0TY5mzXbKmMVA
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