Mario Maker 3DS Save and Extdata Questions

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    Apr 16, 2017
    So this is something I've seen shades of throughout the forum while lurking but I'm still confused about a few things since cfw things related to this game does not seem to be discussed a lot. And it inspired me to make an account to get things clarified so here are some questions.

    So I tried backing up both the Save and Extdata with JKSV and it worked, I deleted a level and restored the save and it came back. So, is this reliable? I'm afraid to lose my levels.

    Secondly, if I deleted the Extdata and started making new levels, would I be able to safely switch between the two so I have twice as much level slots? This one is important because I'd love to be able to more freely make levels knowing I wont run out of space. Also, if someone else loads both of these, does it work for them?

    Thirdly, if we can see each individual level in the Extdata (im assuming 1 to 100 are the built in levels and 101 to 220 are the created ones) then what's stopping anyone from just finding their level from that list and sharing it with someone else who has also exported their Extdata? Like, just taking out level 130, and putting it in another person's 130 slot.

    Lastly, both SMMOCM and OCDM seem to be on hiatus now, but do they have any use? I tried them both and they still seemed to be too early along to do much of anything right now.

    Also, sorry if I'm being rude or a noob or asking in the wrong place, but I'm just curious.