Mario Maker 3DS and Gateway Questions

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    I have and use Gateway and am thinking about picking up Mario Maker 3DS and have a few questions:

    - When I dump game, does it need to be converted to Card1 or Card2 format like Pokemon Sun/Moon needed to be?
    - Is it safe to go online with game on Gateway? Any ban risks?
    - How should I dump game (Gateway dump or Decrypt9) and do I need Private Header?

    Thoughts on all this GREATLY appreciated :)
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    Using a Gateway isn't safe, online or not. You should really consider switching to Luma3DS. It's completely free, has zero chance of bricking your console, and has several other features that Gateway doesn't have. You can even continue using your Gateway card along side it if you don't want it to go to waste.
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    Online with flashcarts you always need a private header. For the other question you could have just tried it out rather than ask. Or ask in noob paradise.
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