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    So I have tried some games, and I have found this...

    mame2000 (retroarch) -- its the fastest one by far, and the best, but old

    mame2003 (retroarch) -- not sure if this even works correctly, have tried it about 10 times

    mame Wii -- its slow, sound stutters, but plays many current version mame roms

    so far I have tried the games altered beast, golden axe, mario bros, splatterhouse

    of course you can't use samples in any mame after .120 that means you cannot play mario bros, donkey kong and many others on mame wii since that is 1.34u4. well you can play them but the sound is horrible

    played splatterhouse on mame Wii and it was very slow with flickering, problems with altered beast, golden axe etc, but usually playable barely, and the interface is way better than retroarch

    i have set my mame2000 to 480x480 and that seems to work the best. It often crashes, just reload and it often works, if you have the right romset

    that is the problem with mame every version wants a new romset

    i would prefer to use mame2003 but I don't think it works right? When I downloaded retroarch for Wii it was not even included as a core.

    Any advice, thanks
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    To play many arcades on Wii you must have:

    Mame 2000 - Normally play best (without deformed graphics) 80's and early 90's games old style arcade games, but some "modern" arcade like Mortal Kombat runs good.

    Mame 2003 - The romset for this versino is very small, but you can play some good games like Konami's Buck O hare, Cowboys of Moomeesa(skipping some frames), TMNT Turtles in Time, Cosmo Police Galvan

    Mame Wii (SDL Mame) - You have to set the resolution manually on this version and it don't have filtering, with sometimes can make a game looks strange, but it can run some games that any other emulator on wii run like Charlie Ninja, Jail Breaker, Asterix, and many others

    Japanese Virtual Console Arcade - you can run games that any emulator runs well or simply don't run, like Burning Force, Space Harrier (with motion controls), Karate Champ and many others.

    Final Burn - This one have a very big list of good games running. But sometimes is better run the bootlag roms instead of the original roms, like Toki/Juju and Moonwalker.

    Official Arcades Collection - Like Midway Arcade Classics 1, 2 and 3, Namco Museum and Data East Arcade Classics, you can run games that don't runs good in any emulator or simply don't run like Pit Fighter, Wizard Fire, Pole Position, etc...