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    Madworld Modding Tool


    As a little Christmas gift to you tempers I'm releasing my MadWorld modding tool.

    This tool unpacks and repacks (almost all) *.dat files found in Madworld. A few *.dats in Madworld follow an alternative format which I haven't added to the tool yet, but almost all of Madworld *.dats will work right away.
    I've done a texture mod showing a little bit of what is possible below:

    Along with textures there are also sound, model, and animation files which can easily be moved to and from a given Madworld *.dat. It is possible to manually change the *.dats, but you have to recalculate positions and lengths which you're not going to want to do by hand, especially since most *.dats in Madworld contain much more than a few files.

    Additionally, I've implemented a small configuration (*.ini/csv) modding tool as Madworld configuration files need to be opened and saved in Shift-JIS. (otherwise you might not get the results you want) It just removes a little bit of hassle if your text editor doesn't display/save the Madworld configuration files correctly.

    Tool+Source code :

    Written in C# with Visual Studio 2012.

    Potential questions :

    1) "Referenced" vs "Not Referenced"?
    a) The way the DAT files in Madworld work, files may only be named, but they'll have a length of 0 (thus being an empty file). The files with lengths are "Referenced" and the files without lengths are "Not Referenced".

    2) I tried to unpack <name here>.dat and repack it without changing anything. Why is the file size different?
    a) This is because the original DAT contains padding. There are no real flags to determine padding, so the only way to determine padding would be more of a hassle than its worth, especially since the game doesn't care if there's padding or not so long as the offsets and lengths correctly address a given file. The file will still work just like it should.

    3) Can I add more files to Madworld DATs? (ie increasing file count)
    a) No. This is because Madworld isn't going to normally read extra files, so I decided not to implement it.

    Now, to all of my pimps and players :

    Have a bloody good Christmas!
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