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    Mar 1, 2013

    Edit: damn, I submited the "new subject" form by mistake. So here is my problem :
    I have a 3DS and I recently bought a m3i zero gmp something because a friend of mine recommended it to me. But I'm having a really hard time to make it work. I was angry for a start to find out that I needed another DS to update the damn thing. So a friend lended (?) one to me. It's one of the really big ones, the very 1st ones. So I put the f_core v4.2.0, system and M3Gupdater on my micro sd card then plug the m3i thingie into my computer to update the thingie until the red light stop flashing. Then I put it in the big DS but when I power it on, I just have a black screen.

    I tried to put it in my 3DS just to see if the cartridge was the problem but I get a rafa nadal icon so I guess it's recognized somehow even if the version is not good for my 4.5.0 3DS. So I just don't know what to do now, do I need a special DS to update the damn thing?

    Sorry for my bad english, I hope my explanations are understandable, I'm kind of pissed right now and I wish I had found this forum sooner so I would have buy another linker.

    Thanks !

    Edit2: nvm got it to work on the big DS with an old f_core
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