m3 lite msd formatting questions

Discussion in 'M3 Adapter' started by Another World, Dec 28, 2008.

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    i just formatted my 2gb japanese branded kingston using the panasonic formatter. it formats it at fat as its 2gb or less. for some reason none of my gba roms load with the "A" fast load option. i tried using the game manager to properly flash them back with, still they don't work. this issue goes for homebrew as well.

    i then reformatted it using windows at fat32 and everything works (both "start" and "a" to load gba roms). this is actually the way i originally had my 1gb set up. i don't have an issue with this. there is no real speed issue between the two that i have found.

    my question is... is fat32 required for the m3 lite or am i just experiencing a weird isolated issue.

    -another world
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    I've always used FAT32 for my three M3Perfects (two lites, one mini). Didn't think it was required, but it is recommended by GBalpha. The "start" button launch is used for GBA loading when using FAT16.

    OT: I had one scare when formatting using Vista... black screens for all my 2GB cards on the M3s (fine in other devices tho). Re-formatted using XP, problem solved. [​IMG]