Kinect voice control not available in some countries until

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    According to a Eurogamer Spain interview (translation) with Microsoft PR & Event Manager Lidia Pitzalis, Kinect will not support voice control in all regions when it launches this November. At launch, according to Pitzalis, voice control will be available in the US, UK, Mexico and Japan.

    Eurogamer Spain notes that speaking English (or Spanish with a Mexican accent) won't suffice either, as voice control will actually be disabled in the affected countries at launch. Spain and other launch countries, including France, Germany, Italy and even Canada, will have to wait for a Spring 2011 update to enable the voice control features. For those without an internet connection, the update will be provided on future games and via "other solutions that do not involve an additional cost."[/p]
    [​IMG] Source (Joystiq)

    definitely rushed to the market
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    I'm guessing the Australians will need to put on an American or British accent then. [​IMG]
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    oh M$ when will they learn?
    it wouldn't even understand our english like the damn mic on the gamecube!! we'd need our own language added to it [​IMG]
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    Kinect is locked to the nation your 360 is set to - no one but Mexicans, USA citizens (and/or residents...), or Brits can use it.