KH difficulty difference?

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    So after having a fair bit of knowledge on the KH series from the internet, as well as a background on the characters, I decided to get myself into the series.

    I started off with the original Kingdom Hearts for PS2, and I was given two difficulty options: normal and expert. Being quite the competitive enthusiastic gamer, I went for expert.

    Either I am absolutely awful and 'nooby' at the game, or expert is seriously hard. I always found myself to be quite the relaxed person and now I find myself raging while playing KH, all the time, especially during boss fights. I'm on the verge of going insane.

    And just out of curiosity, what is the actual difference between normal and expert? Obviously I know one's easier than the other, but what is actually different? Are there more enemies? Or is their defence improved? Is my strength worse?

    I'm currently stuck in the Coliseum reconsidering the whole difficulty option and thinking that since this is my first attempt at a KH game, I should probably restart and go ahead for normal mode, but I don't know I'm not exactly quite sure. Can anyone shed some light on what I should go for? Thanks.

    Also, a little off-topic: How did you find expert mode? And, if you've tried both modes, do you see a significant difference?

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    Well I'm not sure if it applies to this one but the secret ending is easier to unlock on expert but you take more damage and they have more health just start the game and compare the bars if you don't believe me.

    Just train if your having problems. I know grinding can be boring but you an also get materials you'll need later from them. Try to find the mushroom like enemies as well for rare materials.

    Edit: Ya, the secret ending is easier to get on expert a lot easier since you don't have to collect almost everything.
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    I used to have the guide for this game. First off the questions and the weapon you choose during the start-up actually decides your stats and what order Sara and the gang gain abilities. Them alone can change the learning curve for new players.

    The bad guys in expert mode block/counter somewhat more and slight increase to heartless spawning speed rate. Health meter for some mini bosses and hidden bosses are higher. This alone doesn't actually increase the xp you gain very much when defeating them. So it goes back to the choices you made in the beginning. With the right choice combo, expert mode actually doesn't seem that much harder.
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    Number of enemies are the same but they get boost in their stats i.e. Hp, defense, attack. I am not sure if you're attack/defense will decrease but I don't think so.
    If this is your first KH game ever, I suggest going Normal first then continue your expert if you feel that you can do it.

    Additional note, If you're going to play expert choose shield (defense) and give up whatever you want (magic[staff]/attack[sword]) by doing this you will get the benefit of obtaining abilities necessary for survival at early levels such as Aero spell (Second chance, etc) as well as plenty of Hp boost.

    KH1's Expert mode is not easy, really, compared to other kh games (on hardest mode).

    I played every single KH game there is and 100% (except re:coded) them if you are doubting my response. I always play on the hardest difficulty possible. :P
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    Thanks everyone!
    Well, before starting this thread I was already in the Coliseum which is far enough into the game. I started off picking the staff and ditching the sword, which was probably the worse decision I've made.
    Looking back at it now, I probably should have chosen the shield and ditched the staff.
    The games still hard as hell, but when I'm in a really good mood I fly to Traverse Town every now and then, and keep clearing 2nd district, the gizmo shop and 3rd district over and over again 'till I've gone up a few levels and made a good amount of munny, to stock up on some potions and ethers, and by then I'm a little overpowered, making the game a piece of cake temporarily, before I have to go 'grinding' again.

    Also I've got another question and I don't think this is worth starting a new thread: Is there any way to have your max AP increase besides using that ring that increases it by 2 units? Excuse my ignorance, and thank you again!
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    i think that : no
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    The farther you play, the easier previous stages become. In a way, expert mode is the hardest to start, but grinding makes it easier too. And of course the choices you make in the beginning :)