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    The K101 is the successor to the K1 GBA SP hardware clone and utilizes the same K-Team system on a chip design. However, this time around the console design includes a few important updates.

    Most noticeably, the SoC has been placed inside a modified Gemei Tech A330 shell, thanks to K1 GBA SP builder, and firmware updater, Maxzhou88. Early reports state that the directional pad and buttons will be much more responsive. The K101 has received numerous hardware upgrades as well, including a hardware based Real Time Clock, a bottom mounted 3.5mm headphone jack, a top mounted 3.5mm AV-Out jack, and a top mounted mini-USB charging plug.

    There have been no official comments regarding any type of internal storage, it seems that the unit will still require the K-Card and that the mini-USB plug will only be utilized for charging purposes.

    K1GBA, via their new Website, has begun accepting pre-sale orders for the K101 at a price of $59.99 (including free shipping). This pre-sale price is not only less than the actual retail price but includes a bundle of other items.

    Bundle Includes:
    - 1x K101 (with charger, no official comments regarding an av-out cable)
    - 1x K-Card (although not officially listed)
    - 1x Earbud headphones
    - 1x 4GB microSD card (complete with GBA Homebrew)
    - 1x microSD card reader
    - 1x soft carrying pouch (color picked at random)

    The proposed selection of included Homebrew is made up of 43 files, all of which I hope will make the cut. The current genres covered are applications, platformers, puzzle games, RPGs, adventure games, mini-games, arcade games, overhead shooters, rogue-like dungeon crawlers, and more, providing something for everyone to enjoy!

    The pre-sale bundle sale will only last until the K101 is officially released, approximately 30 days from now.

    [​IMG] K101 Pre-order Page[​IMG] On-going Discussion
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