Just a question about the 3DS flash carts...

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  1. Nightwalk3r

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    Feb 7, 2011
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    I have an R4 3DS card, which allows me to play the DS games on my 3DS.
    But I'm interested to know if the unavailability to play 3DS games is because of the card itself, or the lack of appropriate firmware.
    What I'm asking is if this same card will be able to play the 3DS games after they become playable, by simply updating its firmware, or I'll be forced to buy a new one.
    Is the reason a lack of appropriate firmware, or something in the creation of the card itself?
    Thanks in advance guys... :)
  2. Fyrus

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    You'll be most likely forced to buy a new one, IF one ever comes,

    No current exploit can be used to load 3DS games, and the handling of informations is also different between DS and 3DS games.

    Take the time to read the stickies as well, they're there for a reason, not to beautifully take up space.
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  3. Qtis

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    No one knows what they'll be. If the method is just a firmware update on the 3DS itself, it could just be from the SD/Flashcart with SD/whatever. On the other hand it could be a huge hardware mode on the console itself.

    ps. What the person above me said
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  4. frogboy

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    Dec 6, 2011
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    A bit of both, actually. If a 3DS flashcart ever comes out, you'll need to get one to play 3DS games as I'm sure the other devs will be hard at work on 3DS carts as well.

    Or it could very well be a free softmod, which I'm hoping for.
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