Hacking Issues with WUP installer?


Oct 20, 2018
New to having a modded WiiU and was previously able to install games, but now I am running into issues.

Whenever I load up wup installer and install one of the games I recently obtained (some VC, some snes injects, some WiiU titles), the install starts but then freezes almost immediately and does nothing.

Then after rebooting the Wii the homebrew no longer works until I plug the SD card into my PC and do a repair on it. Then it's fine again.

Assuming the SD card is acting that way because of some sort of corrupt file caused by the failed install.

Would you guys have any ideas?

I read something about maybe special characters in the game folders causing issues, but tried renaming one and it made no difference.

I also heard something about needing signatures patched? But from what I understand, that's already included in coldboot haxchi. Or is there something I'm missing?

Edit: Well... nevermind. Maybe I got it. I deleted the 90 games I currently have in the install folder and am just doing a few at a time, as well as renaming the folders to get rid of special characters (specifically brackets) and it seems to be working.

Had me a bit worried though because the repair stopped working and it got to the point where I couldn't even open up the WUP installer or even the homebrew channel thingy.
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