Hardware Is my screen busted?

The Frenchman

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Apr 13, 2008
So yesterday I went to work and I saw that my New 3DS was not where I had left it.

I came back last night from work and booted the console to try Luigi's Mansion. I noticed this weird black mark on the left of the screen... My girlfriend told me she had picked up the console on the ground in the morning and that most likely the cat had caused it to fall from my shelf (maybe 6 feet drop)

I am used to see broken screens as I work in an indie gamestore and we do repair these all the time. BUT thing is I don't see any cracks in the screen nor are there any visual artifact "lines" coming to or from the "damaged" part. So I wonder, did pixels die from the shock? is it something else lying on the top of the screen? I've never seen something of the sort, I can see the black dots even when the console is turned off...

This is very weird. here are photos.
43756825_242208729979592_6962567776988823552_n.jpg 43950252_322581714963692_6217717132424118272_n (1).jpg

EDIT: Ok, so I pried the lens off of the top screen to have a look and these black spots are clearly in the screen and not on top... guess I'm gonna have to replace the screen at work. Fu**....
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