Is my memory card dead? (error C4-10278-8)

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    Nov 21, 2015
    So I decided i wanted to get back into Vita hacking but then I remembered that my 8GB memory card is corrupted or something. This happened months ago so some details may not be completely accurate or whatever. I've read online that this error basically means the card is corrupted / dead.

    Basically what happened was I connected to my PC w/ Vitashell via USB. A message appeared on my PC saying "There's a problem with this drive. Scan the drive now and fix it". So blindly, what I did was clicked on it. Windows finished the process and then the ps vita wasn't able to use the card properly anymore. When trying to format the card, I get error C4-10278-8.
    I also tried to format it in safe mode but I get this: "Cannot find the update file." and then it gives me error C4-10278-8 once again.

    Oddly, if I boot into the system without the memory card inserted, then insert it (without reboot) and go into Vitashell, then connect to PC via USB, the PC picks up the memory card and displays it's files rather than the internal memory card's files. Though I can't write to the card at all.

    I presume my card is bust but if anyone has any ideas at all please reply, it would be great to get this card working.
    This could also be considered a PSA to not let Windows fix problems with the drive if the message appears :P