Is it safe...? (deleting CIAs)

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    ... I just wanted some smokes, man! (crashes car into tree)

    No, I mean is it safe to delete CIA files from my 3DS? I installed a Game Boy Advance game that was improperly patched and didn't run, and it's cluttering up my home menu. Can I safely remove it? I tried using FBI to delete it but it didn't do the job.

    Also, aren't CIA files supposed to run faster than 3dsx files? Because I haven't noticed much of an improvement with RetroArch in particular. I realize an Old 3DS isn't gonna run them very well, but I have to believe it can do NES emulation better than this.
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    Yes its safe to delete cias and you probably removed the wrong file in fbi or only removed it from either sysnand or emunand (need to do both)
    They can be removed from data management in system settings instead of fbi if you have icon.

    Emulators usually run better as a CIA then as 3DSX though also depends on what you are emulating and what console. You can probably emulate NES better by messing about with retroarches settings aswell
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    remove cia's that are installed through system settings or you can go into the nand portion of your FBI and delete it but its really unnecessary when its so easy to just use system settings.
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    why would you emulate gba & nes with retroarch ? there's a mega link on a certain iso site with tons of official NES emulation roms/gba.
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    Removing CIA is easy.
    But removing bad tickets installed by CIA is CURRENTLY IMPOSSIBLE.
    Every CIA installation brings a bad ticket installation - even you install legit CIA - Nintendo official pre-installed contents should be imported at once when you visit e-shop, but legit CIAs don't.
    FBI adds a delete ticket function on its nightly but it doesn't delete bad tickets properly.
    So if you installed any CIA on SysNAND without a SysNAND ticket.db backup, then uh oh.
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    Did you install in EmuNAND or SysNAND? You'll need it on both to run it if you're launching through EmuNAND.
    What exactly is a bad ticket? I've never seen that mentioned before.
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