Is Infamous basically a third party shooter game?

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    Jan 2, 2014
    I just got a ps4 and want to play some early games of PS4. I remember there was a hype of infamous second son. Since I was unable to get a ps4 (yet), I bought used copies of infamous 1 and 2, and after played it for a while, I decided to drop infamous 1, and didn't continue infamous 2. I find the game's mechanic is too similar to third party shooter games, with some action games elements. how about infamous? does it feel more like an action game instead of a third party shooter?

    While I like third party shooter, but there are just too many games out there already, and I don't want to play a third shooter with supernatural power skin.

    I played prototype for a while and liked it better than infamous despite its complexity. unfortunately steam deleted my cloud save and I cannot bother to play it anymore.
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