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    Even in this day and age I'm sure that there will be a Wii under someone's holiday tree so, here are a few pointers that will keep your Wii feeling "modern" for at least another year and a half (or two / stretching it)

    The following video playing apps are officially available on the Wii Shop Channel...

    -Netflix (requires a subscription fee. Offers up to five "users" under one account and and a one month trial)
    -Hulu Plus (requires a subscription fee, usually gives out a one week trial)
    -Amazon Prime Video (requires a subscription fee. Offers permanent video purchases. Goog luck earning a trial period)

    You can still use the official Internet Channel to surf the web but the "bookmark sharing" via Wii Mail feature is dead (-thanks a lot Nintendo :( ) The following sites work fairly well with the browser and I will update this list over the next few days as I find more noteworthy sites to use with the browser. (minus videos) (search feature not working but still good for random music) (black background does not load and video links take you to the YouTube page and for that you might as well use the YouTube app) (minus Videos) (this is for the ORB media streamer, for those of you too lazy to mod and install WiiMC)

    Of course, in the end, you could simply mod your Wii and install WiiMC for your multimedia needs. There are plenty of tutorials on this website
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