installation errors for USB connector + other random problems

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    May 16, 2008
    So I'm trying to install the Japanese software on an American Windows XP machine, which I thought should be no problem, since there's loads of Japanese software on here already. Here's what's happened so far:

    1. Installation goes fine. I'm getting an error trying to register my DS. I go to the Nintendo Support website, type in the error number, and it recommends I install the latest version.

    2. I follow the uninstallation instructions completely, reboot my computer, and try to install the latest version. It gives me an installation error. It says "installation error (6)."

    3. I've since tried to install the American software, Japanese software, and original CD software, but I keep getting the error. One time I was able to start the WFC Registration Tool program from the CD, and was given an error about the DS not being able to obtain an IP address.

    4. Since then, I'm not even able to start the WFC Registration program from the CD anymore.

    So, I figure I should take this one step at a time, and figure out how to properly uninstall/install the program so that I don't get an error mid-installation. I've spent hours of time on this already and I think it's time to ask for some help. So, anybody that can give me a hand (or a clue), thanks in advance. If you need any other info, I can provide it.