I wrote a Rom Manager I was thinking about uploading

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    I recently wrote a windows app to solve a problem I was having managing the roms on my flash cart and I was wondering If anyone else might find it useful. The main issue I was having was that when my flash cart started to get full and I was looking to clear out some roms, I had a hard time identifying some roms in their original cryptic abbreviation. So I wrote an app in visual basic that reads the folder my roms are in and shows the zip file names in a scrollable list. When you click on a file name, it shows you the name of the .nds file. You can also enter the .nds file in a search box and it will show you the .zip file it came from.

    It doesn't actually unzip the files it reads the info from the archives and stores it in memory. It won't work if you've renamed the file after you've moved it from the zip archive to your flash cart. Also, it only works on .zip files not .rar files. If anyone thinks this would be useful, I'll submit it to the GBAtemp download section. Let me know what you think.
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    i probably will not use it but you don't even ask, just post it and include a description