I suck at Fallout 4 , Advice?

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    Hi, I know this Thread is a little stupid, but i bought fallout when it was out, Its the first fallout game i buy, so i am not very familiar with the game. But i bought it because its an open world game and people said it is inmense.
    So i play every game i buy on the hardest or second hardest difficulty, but i played this one on hard difficulty to really juice up the games value.
    But there is something about this game....i love to explore , i just reaced diamond city with level 8 ,but i died A LOT along the way, and i dont think its going to be any different in the future, i just really reaaaally suck at this game.
    Also, i dont really use the power armor, i just used it when i got it. Is that wrong?

    Can anybody give me any basic survival beginner tips for this game? Thanks a lot

    Sorry for the bad english, im from Mexico. :D
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    Bethesda games don't really have a difficulty setting. The slider you're moving left and right that says difficulty is just regulating the damage that you do and recieve, the enemies don't become any smarter or use different moves they just do more damage and you do less.
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    Dying too much.
    Playing the game on a hard setting.

    Seems the solution is obvious. You can always turn things back up to hard once you're used to things better.

    Me, I couldn't care less, I always play things on easier settings, I don't get my enjoyment out of games based on masochism. I still sometimes get killed unexpectedly sometimes. Playing on easy isn't going to save you from an unexpected super mutant suicider blowing up right in your face.

    But some specific tips... collect everything you can carry. Ammo should ALWAYS be picked up, as they don't have weight. Also always pick up any stimpaks. They aren't the only way to heal, but they also fix crippled limbs so they're invaluable. If you're approaching an unknown area that might have enemies, always a good idea to sneak around (click the right stick) and try to get some shots in before they even know you're there. VATS can mean the difference between surviving and not. So can making sure to keep spraying bullets when VATS is out of points. If you're using VATS, it might be better to use weapons that don't do as much individual damage per shot, but gives you more shots before you run out of action points. 10mm is a stronger gun than a pipe pistol, but not if you can only hit twice with it instead of 5 times with the pipe. That's just an example, how much you can do will depend on your character build and what weapons you have found.
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    plant turrets in all directions in the middle of your settlement. put all your guns into your workbench take them back out and drop them and store them in settlement editor mode. repeat this for a good 15 minutes to glitch-shrink your settlement size bar.
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    F4 sucks per se, so don't feel bad about it.
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    Sad but I agree and had high hopes after the previous one and great commercials lol