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    Are you hitting on me?

    Ultimate Muscle Roller is actually symbolistic of love and marriage
    The video starts off, as you start off your relationship, you are both working together towards happiness, and striving for it, and just when it seems reachable, your problems make themselves more difficult and you're given a daunting task
    But working together, you speed up to see your goal back in sight
    But then, something happens, and you and your partner are suddenly separated, and you must pick up the pieces and reunite yourself
    Slowly, you'll make your way to your ultimate goal
    But it pushes you aside and speeds off, all hope may seem lost
    But then the first child comes along, and all your troubles just seem to vanish, there may be some remainder of worries, but working together as a family, they'll be gone as well

    Think about it, it make sense!
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    Hey you're back! [​IMG]
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    Coldstare, i cant believe you didn't post this last week.