I got given an xbox 1 thats been modded.

Discussion in 'Microsoft Xbox' started by zac320, Nov 17, 2010.

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    Aug 25, 2010
    Hey guys i got given an xbox 1 thats been softmodded i guess, the first screen that comes up has a picture of conker and it says conker live and reloaded and below it says launch dvd
    ms dashboard
    power off
    system utils
    launch menu

    It says kernal version 1.00.5101.01
    and up the top it says XBOX +3935.
    How has this xbox been modded?
    Does it need to be updated?

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    Nov 22, 2006
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    sounds like evolution X dashboard.. its been a while I perfer the UnleashX dashboard or using xbmc as a dashboard. There's no real compatibility issues when playing games as far as I know, but depending on what you would want to do with it you may want to change your default dash.

    Which brings up the question, what do you plan on using it for? How big is the hard drive?
  3. zac320

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    Aug 25, 2010
    yes sorry it says evolutionx on there,
    I wanna play burned games or put games on the hdd,
    well i go to settings/info and teh hdd says
    free space on C 329.220.096
    " " E 3.530.964.992
    " " X 786.300.928
    " " Y 675.020.800
    " " Z 786.300.928

    I dunno if there bytes, kb, mb or what.
    Cheers mate
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    One very quick (and missing several key things to be called complete) crash course in original xbox modding coming up.

    First that looks like bytes to me (European version of number splitting)- it is not completely accurate (the whole 1000 vs 1024 thing) but consider the first three numbers (on in the case of E the first 4) and call them megabytes.

    Still the only drive you can really use is E (you might be able to rejig a few things and increase the space/give you a 2 gig F drive*- MS shifted to 10 gig drives later in the xbox lifetime but left the partitions as they were originally).
    The C drive is probably a fake one (known as shadow C in the hacks/guides/documentation) used to make sure people do not overwrite the true C drive (it is one of the two main protections along with virtual EEPROM but that is a different matter for a few sentences time).
    X, Y and Z are cache drives games store things on to help with loading times, many programs will not even show them as they are liable to be overwritten at any time.

    *a really old guide http://www.xbox-scene.com/articles/formatf.php but there are easier ways using Auto Installer Deluxe- if you are new to this then Auto Installer Deluxe aka AID is the one stop shop for all things 360. It stopped being updated a while back but all that means is you might have to grab a new version of XBMC or some emulators. http://www.aideluxe.com/index.php?title=Main_Page
    Things on the 360 were usually built with the offcial xbox SDK so downloads are a tricky thing. For that we have the xbins network, many ways to do it but easiest is http://www.360mods.net/index.php?file=deta...;name=downloads
    If, when referring to the original xbox or xbox 360, anyone ever says you can find it in the usual places or has a N/A next to a download it is a safe bet they are pointing you towards xbins.

    First things first just about everything on the original xbox (and 360 too for that matter) revolves around FTP. USB support is there* but it is tricky and only works with some smaller drives (2 gigs or smaller) so do not count on it like you might for the wii or the 360.
    *several guides around but most people just solder a USB extension lead to the wires inside an xbox controller (like coloured wires to like coloured wires and leave the yellow connected).
    It would be bad form not to mention that XBMC has some of the best streaming abilities of any device that is not a straight up PC- just about every big streaming protocol is supported but it can not be used for games.

    Games from the hard drive- you are limited to either running from disc or extracting isos and running them from the hard drive. AID above has a toolset called xbox-hq PC essentials which has several programs to extract xbox isos and even FTP them for you. C-Xbox tool is my chosen program although you can pick what you like.
    As for DVDs you can burn isos straight (usually wasting several gigs of DVD- nicely enough that does mean many can run from a stock xbox drive) or you can try making a multi game disc.

    At some point though are going to consider a larger hard drive and this is where it can get tricky. There are four main modding methods for the original xbox- two hardmods and two softmods.
    A hardmodded xbox is either a chip or TSOP flash and as it replaces the BIOS it can do what it likes and use whatever hard drive it likes.

    The softmods (game hacks and hotswaps of hard drives) work just as well but for modding a hard drive as there is a little used feature of the IDE/pata spec that allows you to lock a hard drive to a device and the xbox uses said feature before the softmod kicks in and as such such you need a drive that locks. Several manufacturers and worse drive lines/models do not include this ability which means you can not use them, fortunately we have http://xboxdrives.x-pec.com/?p=list
    It is a bit trickier to find IDE drives these days but it is not that bad.

    Just about all original xbox hard drive modding revolves around a custom version of linux called xboxhdm 1.9 (which you can find on xbins among other places). You do need a IDE/pata port on your motherboard though- the 1% of things the USB adapters do not support just happens to include these.

    As for the virtual EEPROM thing liveinfo is the tool you want (match serials to the bottom of your xbox) and if you are dumping your EEPROM for use with these tools you want to make sure you are using the proper EEPROM and not the virtual one. AID and the sister tool SID have the ability to dump the EEPROM and hopefully work around any issues with virtual EEPROM.

    Lastly the original xbox makes a stunning media player (indeed it is only missing the ability to play back higher resolution videos, especially H264 and record video from sources- you want something that plays back scene grade xvid then the xbox with XBMC is the thing to do it) and you will see it does have HD outputs but in PAL countries like yours it will be locked out, enigma video switcher can sort that and you can either make HD cables or buy them in http://www.gamesx.com/avpinouts/xbox.htm
  5. gbatempfan1

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    Nov 2, 2010
    My preferred way is just copying the isos and using modified kernel patcher to mount them. That is if you have the space. Sometimes games work that for some reason have trouble with hddcopy. It isn't really a well known thing and there isn't much documentation so this is a mini-guide I wrote. IIRC there are versions of NKkernel/NKpatcher that have this stuff built such as the ones that have those shadow drives so if you have one of them you can skip loading the resident driver and just run the IsoMounter.

    Drive image utils for those who have NKpatcher
    I think it is called attach.xbe but I've never used it

    This enables you to mount an iso for people who are using a modchip(works with evox M8+ and a few others) and not using nkpatcher(or don't have it enabled with nkpatcher) It will probably work with softmods also as it supports quite a few kernels.

    Modchip Kernel Patcher for virtual CDROM (ISO)

    1. Copy and rename the "test_game" folder to your games folder and add your iso to that folder. (you can change the name of the title default.xbe to the name of the game with the white button in most launchers on the xbox)
    2. Copy the "Kernel Patcher" folder to your apps folder & Run the Iso Kernel Patch to enable mounting isos into cdroms(your dash will reboot, then it stays resident until the bios reloads)
    3. Run the default.xbe from your game folder by launching it with whatever title you called it. If you didn't rename its title I think it is called IsoMounter or Virtual Drive or something along those lines. This will mount your iso and boot it.

    *A note for iso's larger then 4 gigs, use a file spliter like hjsplit and split it into chunks of 4,292,870,144 bytes (FFE0 0000 in hex) and rename them filename.part1.iso filename.part2.iso ect.
  6. yifan_lu

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    How many games are you planning to put on there? The Xbox doesn't have a large hardrive.
  7. demonicstrife

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    May 22, 2008
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    You can get a larger, lockable drive and format/copy your data to it for use.
  8. mr.silvestor

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    May 11, 2008
    just to let you know coinOPS2 was released yesterday and has emulators for just about everything !!

    it's here

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    Jun 14, 2011
    Just get DVD2XBOX, a way lot easier to back up your games than downloading [​IMG] to burn games onto disk you will need FTP the Game folders over to your PC and use a XISO utility to make the correct ISO that the Xbox can read..