Htc inspire 4g Help/problem?

Discussion in 'Android' started by SixSenseEagle, Oct 8, 2012.

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    Everytime I try to call someone my screen goes black then comes back on. I Can't really hear them since my screen goes black most of the time. When the screen is on I can hear them, But the Audio just goes in and out when the screen is on and off, so I wondering do you know whats wrong with my phone?.

    Ps. Your help would be greatly appreciated Thanks :).
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    Unfortunately, I don't quite understand what you're trying to say. Does the screen black out when it's not near your face/held up to your ear? The proximity sensor has your screen go black when up to your ear, to save battery life whilst calling. Also, the sound gets worse when it goes black, or you can't hear anything at all? If you're running a custom rom, it could be an issue with the custom rom itself.
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    No custom rom
    I can hear kinda, but it blacks out even if its right next to my ear/face then cuts back on?
    When I'm calling someone My screen goes black, and I can't hear nothing, but when the screen cuts back on I can hear. Its like a on, and off situation When I'm calling someone.
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    My first guess was the proximity sensor too.
    Which ROM are you running? If it has a thread on xda-developers, try searching through it for people having the same issue (and see if there's a fix for it too).