How to translate DS ROMs?

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    So yeah,
    I want to to translate FE12 (Fire Emblem: New Mystery of the Emblem - Heroes of Light and Shadow) from English into German. I already have seen some methods to do that, but has anything changed because the guides I've read are years old.

    I know it is not easy and is really tedious.

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    If any new and amazing tools were to appear, or existing ones gain crazy new functionality, it would be updated to reflect that.

    Frankly though other than the tools to pull the ROM image apart and the tile editors needed to support the formats of newer hardware it is much the same as it has been since the early days -- you figure out where the text it, how it is encoded, what the pointer setup for it is and edit the text engine to reflect your desired changes (new characters, different type of text arrangement relative to other text -- Japanese is all fixed width and has nothing like j, y and g).
    As ROMs can be created according to any whim of the programmer, and while systems may share some common themes any hacker that has pulled apart more than 3 games will tell you developers colour outside the lines all the time, then you are unlikely to get new and exotic tools to make it radically easier in general, specific games may though but you can search for that easily enough. At the same time though that means you can usually move to a new system easily enough and know where you stand if you encounter a system not many others have touched.
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    It's not as tedious as most games since luckily there's already some custom made tools for it.

    Text inserter/dumper-

    Tool to edit guide names-
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