How to remove shine from your App Icons

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    Dec 10, 2009
    I tried posting this on ask gbatemp, but it wouldn't let me put the string UIPrerenderedIcon

    1. First, you have to jailbreak and install Cydia.
    2a. You have to install AppInfo and OpenSSH from Cydia.
    2b. You must install iFile if you do not want to use SSH 
    Optional: You can install iRetiner and MobileTerminal or iWipe, this will make things much easier when doing this on your device.
    3. Go into AppInfo and choose the app that you want to degloss. The gloss on the icon shouldn't be there in AppInfo, so you willhave to remember what app you want to degloss.
    4. Click on the app and scroll to the bottom.
    5a. If you want to do this natively on your device, press Open in iFile.
    5b. If you want to do this via SSH, scroll back up in AppInfo, find the app's folder and SSH into the app's folder, it should be a bunch of random letters and numbers separated by dashes.
    6. Go into the folder, whereas appname is the name of the app.
    7. Edit Info.plist using a plist editor
     If you're SSHing, you'll need a plist editor. There is one called plist editor pro for Mac and just google for windows plist editor. iFile has it's built in plist editor.
    8. This is the most critical step.

    Put this line in the bottom of info.plist before


    So the last 4 lines of the plist should look like this.


    9a. Use iRetiner or iWipe to clear the icon cache. To use iRetiner, you must execute the iRetiner command in MobileTerminal, then convert an icon using option 2.
    9b. Or, delete all the files in /var/mobile/Library/Caches/
    Do not delete the folder, just delete everything inside.
    10. Respring 2 times
    11. Enjoy your sexy new matte icons!
    This only works on AppStore apps and cracked apps, not Cydia apps.
    To remove the effect, undo step 8 and repeat steps 9 and 10.

    You gotta redo steps 8-10 everytime you update your app or if you want to degloss other icons