How to re-assign the button on 2ds?

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    Jun 2, 2017
    hello all,

    i'm new here and i had already made many modification/repairs on game consoles.

    i have a very important question, i want to reassign the button of the 2ds (or 3ds) without modify the hardware

    developpers don't give the choice, and you must use A button or B or whatelse, but we can't choose.

    my son have hemiplegia consecutive of a stroke at the age of 3. now he is 8 and he would like to play games but his right hand not works anymore.

    many games, and particularly nintendo's, can be played with only the cross and A button.

    so i would like to reassign A to Left trigger , so he will be able to play like anyone else.

    i could do this by doing jumper and cutings on the motherboard, but i think it may be possible to do that by software.

    i don't know if it is the right section, but i really need some help.

    sorry for my bad english, i'm french Lol.
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    If you have a reason like that then hardware is the better method for you in the long run. Software methods are going to need to be done on a game by game basis and take a reasonable amount of effort*. It is not like a PC where you can get all nice joypad bothering programs and remappable keyboards and whatever else to then feed into whatever game wants them.

    *games will read out the controller state in various ways, and then they choose what to act on based upon what is there. You have to go in at assembly code level and do some changes. If you need a macro (should be the same word in French) then software might be easier but I would then look to something like an arduino and full controller pinout type setups to do the same job.

    If you still want to do software I can go into more depth, and if you do end up doing a full controller breakout then we can help there too. Hope you get done what you need to get done.