Homebrew via Serial I/O?

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  1. Cancel

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    Jun 21, 2011
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    I've been searching around for a confirmation on this potential hack. According to http://coburndomain.org/index.php/2011/08/...-io-apparently/ a guy by the name of MSaki conceived a brilliant plan for injecting unauthorized code through the 3ds.

    This process was vaguely described as the following :

    btw open pilot wings card, solder wires to the chip pinouts on back, then attach to sniffer. Once you have the four points, mark them, then desolder other wires and disconnect from the sniffer. Build a converter, then attach said converter to your serial I/O on pc (i think you can figure the rest so ill simpilify it for you – inject a corrupt save file and leave it decrypted). The 3DS will give you a message that the card save data is corrupt do you wish to continue, tap yes, if all done correctly it should go to a black screen on top and red on touch now you may execute a binary from the serial i/o via a comunication terminal.

    My question is, has this been tested out or is this bogus?
  2. elsparko

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    Apr 3, 2011
    hmmmm... seems like a lot of bother for the moment.. IF it works. Hopefully it does, and and easier way is thought up
  3. raulpica

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    Errrr... MSaki is a member on this site, but I fear that this is just some speculation on his part.
  4. Quincy

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    This could work theoraticly.. But I doubt that the hardware would allow it..
  5. koji2009

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    It doesn't really sound theoretical... it sounds like BS. If he has truly gotten this method to work (or anyone has) it wouldn't be hard to show a "hello world"... and if he was ready to release information to do so, he would have actually released information instead of making a few bold and very vague statements.
  6. Fat D

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    You would still need to get through the encryption of the card interface.
  7. Immortal_no1

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    Jul 17, 2003
    There is some potential to this. I have a pilotwings 3ds demo cart, the demo cart boots directly into the game bypassing the homescreen, when I run up the game I get ablackscreen followed by a flash of white followed by the blackscreen with loading message, then finally the game screen.

    There may be a case where when it gets to the loading screen you could interrupt the load, but unless we know what the pinouts are for the back of the pcb are and which protocol, i'm assuming it's simple ttl, you may be able to inject code in directly via the serial.

    I want more info on this. Pictures and pinouts and I'll give it a go, otherwise I'll do it my way 'hack and slash':P