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    Oct 10, 2018
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    So, I'm trying to set up a 3ds hack via homebrew, and I have Homebrew installed on my 3ds, but I'm absolutely confused as to where I should go from there. All the guides I've used thus far have been less than helpful (to me at least), and I'm really just stuck. Any help?
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    Trying to hack your 3DS with custom firmware?
    Need a free hack method?
    Already hacked but don't know what to check out?
    Use the starter kit archive and try a selection of several popular apps. Look in the Update Changes Log to read their page descriptions.

    For all sorts of 3ds homebrew apps:
    Acquire free indefinitely borrowed 3DS games?
    • that iso site
    Other than GBAtemp, commune with others who share your 3DS gaming interests?
    For other inquires:
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