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    well I'm Jeri. [​IMG]

    I stumbled upon GBAT while searching for ways to fix this whole CycloDS/ EZFlash V incompatibility issue I'm having. I've read good things about the forum, and am happy to be a part of it.

    Well let's see... I'm an avid DS/GBA enthusiast (Nintendo Fanboy, if you will), but dibble and dabble in my X-Box Live from time to time... if you want my gamertag, just ask. Or look at my sig.... it has it there.

    What else what else... Not that you care, but I have an amazing girlfriend who's also a gamer, so I feel pretty lucky about that. There's no "Hey, let's get to bed, put down the controller" over here. It's usually more "Hey... let's play one more round of Tetris DS" about 50 times. It makes life a *lot* easier, trust me.

    All in all, I'll help where I can, post when I can, and use all of my abilities to give to the community so... Thanks for letting me take part!
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    Hey! welcome to GBAtemp [​IMG]